Travel Diary XVIII.

Memories are like a diary of our journeys, they show up as joyful moments, and at the same time they carry us into dreams of the future and future journeys. Be carried away by your dreams and be inspired by this exclusive collection in shades of Pink, the colors of our memories of joyful and romantic moments.
There is only one piece of this landscape/seascape with sailing boats during summer lake holiday in this shades and size. This artwork is also available in Yellow and Blue shades, one of each. Each has an original hand-painting in genuine Gold leaf.
The paintings in this series can be installed as a multi-panel artwork.

• Artist has had over 80 solo exhibitions on three continents and her artworks are part of art collections of collectors from all around the world.
• Acrylic on glossy photographic paper, covered by glass and in frame. Signature is in the front on the artwork.
• The delivery: artwork is properly wrapped and after unpacking it´s ready to hang, so you can enjoy the artwork right after unpacking.
• All paintings are available for delivery worldwide.

Author:Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions:24x32,5x1,5 cm
Technique:real gold leaf on glossy photographic paper, covered by glass and in frame
Price:180 EUR / 4 500 CZK