Non Sufficit Una VI.

This painting comes from my collection "Non Sufficit Una" meaning "One is not enough". One (person) is not enough for life, for love, for being.

Wings as a symbol, is one of my favorite topics. The power of the symbol consists in itself. It represents ethereal beings, geniouses as well as freedom. They express the affiliation to the sphere of heaven. They have the ability to rise above the gravity of Earth.

According to the book "Heraldic Symbolism" by Viktor Palivec, "The wings in the coat of arms mean cheerful message, dynasty´s flourishing and development, which can only be sustained by laudable actions of the  descendants."

If you are interested in "flying", please contact me. When I create the next wings, you will get the information among the first.

Author:Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions:100x130x3 cm
Technique:mix media and mirrors on canvas
Price:on request