Interior Jewelry "Water Lilies III."

Interior Jewelry is a unique artpiece, its art consisting of more pieces (jewels). 

I was working on this idea for over two years, to develop the system that allows me to create art that has "no borders" and looks like something that was just naturally blown into the room by wind, like flowers from the blooming trees in the spring. Something that makes you breathe really freely and maybe a little bit like there is some enchantment around.

Every piece of Interior Jewelry is a small unique "jewel" handmade by the artist. Every set of them is numbered and has a special beautiful gift box.

It also gives you a room to be creative and to place each piece based on your wishes. They are easy to stick on the wall or any other interior surface. There are no rules, simply enjoy :) 

Author:Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions:25 handmade pieces in a Gift box
Technique:mix media, ready to stick on any interior surface