Gold I.

Gold I. is minimalistic but very powerful painting. I developed this style of painting for people who need the sun. 

There is a direct connection between the gold and the Sun almost in all cultures and even in the alchemy.

Different religions consider God of Sun as a defeater of the darkness. Many sun temples in the world were decorated with golden plates. This piece of art was inspired by them.

These paintings should convey the beautiful energy of the sun where it´s needed. Soft structures create an abstract pattern that should affect the concentration. They are very suitable for offices and workplaces.

Each of them is an original artwork, made with love and passion, and it goes with signed Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang unframed if preferred. 

Author:Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions:100x100x3 cm
Technique:mix media on canvas
Price:on request