Genesis 46 (T 3/25)

This golden metallic painting comes from the Genesis collection and symbolizes new beginnings and infinite abundance. The basic element is the Fibonacci spiral, which is also a symbol of sacred geometry known as golden spiral. Sacred geometry encompasses the sacred universal patterns used to design everything in our reality and represents the connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm. These paintings are like sun or a fireplace in the room thanks to the radiant warmth that emanates from them. A limited edition of 25 similar paintings in this size, so more of them can be installed as a multi-panel artwork. Created as sunken relief, a special technique Sarah invented almost 20 years ago. This method is typical only for artworks from ancient Egypt. Her paintings are also often created using a low relief (bas-relief) technique that looks almost like an impasto. • Certificate of Authenticity. • Artist has had more than 90 solo exhibitions on three continents and her artworks are part of art collections all around the world. • High quality canvas stretched on wooden bars and professional artist colors and media are used. • The edges are painted as well, so it´s ready to hang unframed if preferred, vertically or horizontally. Signature is on the front on the artwork. • The delivery: normally stretched canvas is properly wrapped and after unpacking it´s ready to hang, so you can enjoy the artwork right after unpacking. Shipping will usually be handled by UPS. • All paintings are available for delivery worldwide.
Author: Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions: 80x100x2 cm
Technique: mix media on canvas
Year: 2024
Price: 2 250 EUR / 54 000 CZK