Interior. Empty white room. 3d render.

Digital Heaven I.

What is the role of a modern woman in this age? She balances off the hard masculine power. However, she has changed a bit. Even though she is still a delicate flower, she needs to be tougher in order to succeed at work or in private life. This is represented by the metallic silver rose. A minimalistic colorful background represents pixels – as a playground of modern age. There is a set of Interior Jewelry made by Sarah Avni that comes with the painting. It is easy to stick to any surface surrounding the painting, thus making them emerge from the painting into the room - as if the silver roses were floating and thus exceeding their limits.

This is an original artwork, made with love and passion, and it goes with signed Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang unframed if preferred.

Author:Sarah I. Avni
Dimmensions:50x160x2 + 8 pieces of IJ 
Technique:mix media on canvas
Price: On request